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CSC (Canadian Securities Course) Part- 1 and Part-2


The Canadian Securities Course (CSC) is the first step toward attaining accreditation to trade stocks, mutual funds, derivatives, bonds and other securities. This course helps in starting a career in Financial Services, managing own investments, enhance investment knowledge, analytical skills and developing deeper understanding of financial markets and products.


The objective of the course is to develop an understanding of Financial Services and products.


  • • The Canadian Investment Marketplace
  • • The Economy
  • • Features and Types of Fixed-Income Securities
  • • Pricing and Trading of Fixed-Income Securities
  • • Common and Preferred Shares
  • • Equity Transactions
  • • Derivatives
  • • Financing and Listing Securities
  • • Corporations and their Financial Statements
  • • Fundamental and Technical Analysis
  • • Company Analysis
  • • Introduction to the Portfolio Approach
  • • Portfolio Management Process
  • • Mutual Funds
  • • Segregated and Hedge Funds
  • • Other Managed and Structured Products
  • • Taxation
  • • Working with the Retail Client
  • • Working with the Institutional Client


Development of knowledge of the Canadian securities industry and the regulatory environment, Market and economic events impacting investment performance, analyzes of corporate financial statements, Understanding of Financial instruments, fee based accounts and derivatives, company, industry and market performance/analysis, portfolio management process and asset allocation, financial planning process and taxation, Industry standards of conduct and the code of ethics.


Business or Finance background is recommended

Career Opportunities

Financial Advisor, Financial Planner, Investment Advisor, Advisor Assistant, Associate Advisor

Duration:28-30 hours


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