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JAVA Programming   <JAVA701>


Scope is to provide an authentic knowledge of Java programming to pursue career in Java Development especially towards Server and mobile applications.


The students shall be able to develop Java Applications, covering all pre-requisite to all Java Server courses, especially Java Struts, spring and Hibernate


  • - Introduction to Java Virtual Machine, Versioning, Java Program and Packages
  • - Language Components and Data Types IF, FOR, While, Switch, Break, Continue Statements, Operators, case and Keywords
  • - Object Oriented Programming String Class, Literals, Constructors, Packages, StringTokenizer Class etc…
  • - Methods and Arrays Method Signatures, Arguments, Overloading, Math Class, Wrapper class etc.. Passing and Copying Arrays, Arrays of Objects, Class, Multidimensional Arrays etc…
  • - Encapsulation Constructors, Data Hiding, Public and Private Members, Composition, static Data Members etc…
  • - Inheritance and Polymorphism Object Class, Method Overriding, Polymorphism, and Inheritance Issues etc…
  • - Abstract Classes And Interfaces Abstract Classes, Examples and extending of the Classes, Interfaces
  • - Exceptions Exception Handling, Exception Hierarchy, Advertising Exceptions with throws etc…
  • - Input and Output in Java File Class, Standard streams, Buffer Streams, File I/O streams etc…
  • - Threads Creating and Extending Threads, Daemons threads, Thread States and Problems etc…
  • - Collections Vectors, Hashtables, Enumerations, Properties, Lists, Sets, Collection Class etc…
  • - Networking Client Server Model, InetAddress, URLS, Sockets, Writing Servers etc…


The students shall be able to compile and run Java Applications, using Object Oriented Paradigm in Java Programs, understanding the division of Classes in to Java Packages, Selecting proper I/O class provided by JDK, using of threads in order to create more efficient Java Programs.


Knowledge of Object oriented Programming, Preferable Knowledge of C, C++ but not essential


Application programmers, Developer, Planning to use Java Virtual Machine, Pursuing career in Mobile Application.

Duration:39 hours


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