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Korn Shell Programming   <KSHL304>


The course covers to understand and write Shell scripts in Korn Shell Environment.


The instructor-lead training and hands-on experience will help students to automate their system activities in production environment.


  • - History of SHELL Types of SHELL and their importance
  • - SHELL Initialization Opening file, Shell Startup Files, Logic, Spawning, Background Processes, Suspending and Killing Jobs
  • - SHELL Variables Variables, Arrays, Built-in Variables, Typeset, Special variables, Variable Expansions and substitutions, Quoting, File Name Generation Characters
  • - Productivity Aids Command Line Editing, Aliases, History, Functions, Set, and User Environment
  • - Programming the SHELL Creating Script, sending Script, Descison Making, Front Ends
  • - IF and Loop Statements IF statement, Loops, For Loop, While Loop, Until Loop, Read Statements, Case Statements, Break and Continue
  • - Miscellaneous Korn Shell Arithmetic, getopts Command, Trap, File I/O, Debugging etc..
  • - Examples Of Scripts Front End Example, Swapping files, Count Files, Count Words, Add values, Prototyping Large Projects
  • - Tables Built-in Shell variables and Commands, Control Flow Constructs, Operators, Variable substitution, Comparison with C and Bourne Shell, C Shell Control Flow Constructs, Difference between sh and ksh
  • - Review Of common UNIX Filters Grep, wc, sort, head, tail ,tr, cd, paste, awk, sed


The student shall be able to understand process creation, Recalling commands, launching a control jobs, providing front ends to well known commands, Customizing environment, writing shell scripts and functions.


Linux/UNIX Fundamentals, Introduction to UNIX


Who, want to enhance their productivity in UNIX environment, Junior UNIX Administrators

Duration:32 hours


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