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Fundamentals of Linux/UNIX   <LNUX301>


The scope of this course is to set-up a foundation for technical professionals who want to switch towards Linux, or UNIX Operating System, or a fresh candidate who wants to start his/her career in UNIX environment.


The instructor-lead training and demonstration will lead students to firm basic knowledge of LINUX and UNIX Operating System and environment.


  • History and Introduction of Linux and UNIX, understanding SHELL and KERNEL
  • Accessing system, User Accounts, Issuing Basic Commands date, cal, pwd, su, man
  • Accessing and displaying Files and Directories, SHELL Metacharacters
  • Directory, Files and Printing Commands such as touch, mkdir, touch, find,mv etc.
  • Searching for Files and Text such as grep, egrep, fgrep, sort etc..
  • File Security for user, owner and others, filtering and changing umask
  • VI editor (Visual Editor) practicing with Insert, Command and Last Line Mode
  • Archiving and Restoring User Data using tar, zip, gzip, gunzip,cpio
  • Understanding and Assigning IP address using ifconfig, ping
  • System Processes using ps, pgrep, kill and managing jobs
  • Understanding SHELLs and working with KORN shell
  • Reading SHELL scripts and Variables


With hands-on experience and firm knowledge of LINUX /UNIX the students shall gain more confidence, and to understand further diversification and job opportunities in the same field.


Knowledge of Computer and windows Operating System


Programmers, Developer, Systems Analysts, Data Warehouse Builders, Technical Writers, Technical Manager,
Project Manager, Microsoft Professionals

Duration:39 hours


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