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Linux server and Security   <LNUX303>
[Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) Part II]


The course covers all the administrative components of Linux server administration.


The instructor-lead training and hands-on experience will give authentic and comprehensive knowledge to students to manage Linux operating system server.


  • - System Configuration Management Using Iptables to install packages, setting kernel using sysctl, Configure Kerberos, Build a simple RPM, Configure iSCSI initiator, producing report of system processor, memory, disk etc.. using shell script to automate system maintenance
  • - SAMBA In heterogeneous environment Samba Server considered to be the most successful file server, because being virus free Operating System. The companies normally prefer to share their data via SAMBA with different sharing policies.
  • - FTP File transfer Protocol is one of the most popular server which is used to download and upload big size company data.
  • - NFS This service helps to share any directory on different UNIX and LINUX flavors. Windows base Operating systems cannot access these shared directories.
  • - DNS with Bind Domain Name Server resolves websites names and I.Ps. This server is the basic need of any Networks. A good DNS concept is essential for a good Network Administrator.
  • - DHCP The task of DHCP server is to provide and configure automatically I.P address and subnet mask to the clients, entries for Gateway, DNS and time server entries.
  • - Web Server Apache Apache is considered to be the best web hosting server in the world. Apache server provides multiples sites with HTTP and HTTPS protocol, along with the protection of apache password.
  • - Mail Server Managing mails routing with send mail and postfix and configuring dovecot as POP3 IMAP and squirrelmail with Apache as a Webmailer.
  • - Proxy Server Squid This is a Proxy and caching Server Controlling and monitoring internet traffic, Manage internet traffic logs.
  • - Security Tcwrepper, PAM, lptables [firewall], xinetd,nmap
  • - Network Services Installing packages, Configuring SElinuz support and rule
  • - NTP Synchronize time using other NTP Peers


Apart from having hands-on experience and firm knowledge of LINUX administration the students shall be able to appear for RHCSHA (Red-hat Certified System Administrator) exam part II.


Linux/UNIX Fundamentals


System administrator, System Programmers, Systems Analysts, Technical Manager, Project Manager, Microsoft Professionals

Duration:39 hours


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