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Microsoft Excel: [Exam 77-602]   <MSEX415>


Covering complete Microsoft Office Excel academic course, and to meet the requirements to be certified.


The instructor lead and hands-on experience will lead students to build most complicated worksheet, reports independently and confidently.


  • - Fundamentals and orientation of Excel and its existing workbook
  • - Creating, Editing, modifying, and saving workbook
  • - Formatting and Ranging Cells, establishing Hyperlink
  • - Worksheet Formatting, using Headers and Footers, Preparing and Printing Documents
  • - Managing and Administrating Worksheet
  • - Working with Data such as sorting, filtering, subtotaling etc…
  • - Applying Basic Formulas and Functions such as SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, MIN, MAX, COUNTA etc…
  • - Using more advanced formulas such as SUMIF, COUNTIFS, AVERAGEIF etc…
  • - Creating, manipulating and Managing Charts using Data
  • - Inserting pictures, shapes in the Worksheet
  • - Distributing and tracking changes in workbook by email
  • - Protecting and Sharing Documents


With instructor lead and hands-on experience the student shall be able to work on the most powerful spread sheet, meeting all the requirements to build technical documents such as accounting, finance and database. Also to be prepared for Microsoft Excel Certification.


Windows, Microsoft Word


Beginners who want to pursue career in Computer Field.

Duration:39 hours


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