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Microsoft SQL Server 2008   <MSQL411>
[Implementation and Maintenance: Exam 70-432]


Covers complete Implementation, configuration, backing up and restoring the database and maintaining with different scenarios.


To provide instructor lead and hands-on experience while implementing and managing SQL Server 2008


  • - Installing and Configuring SQL Server 2008 Understanding system requirements, configuration and Installation
  • - Database Configuration and Maintenance Working with transaction logs, files, filegroups, filestream data, Maintaining and recovering database
  • - Tables Working with objects and constraints
  • - Designing SQL Server Indexes Index architecture (B-Trees), and designing such as XML, Spatial
  • - Full Text Indexing Full text catalog, Indexes, Freetext
  • - Distributing and Partitioning Data Creating Partition schemes, Tables, and indexes, managing and review
  • - Backing up and restoring a Database Importing, exporting, and backing up with different options, and restoring
  • - Designing Policy Base Management Designing policies, target and categories, and implementation
  • - Automating SQL server Creating Jobs and Alerts
  • - Designing SQL Server Security Configuring SQL server, TCP endpoints, principals, permissions, and Auditing
  • - Monitoring Microsoft SQL Server Defining trace, specifying events, Diagnosing failures, deadlock issue, Managing and Encrypting data
  • - Optimizing Performance and Failover Clustering Database tuning, collecting Statistical data, Designing windows and server failover clusters
  • - Database Mirroring Importance and Designing and establishing Mirroring
  • - Log Shipping and Replication Initializing log and replicating transactional and Merge Replication


With the help of practical experience the student shall be able to work confidently and independently on SQL server, and to appear for Implementation and Maintenance Server 2008 [Exam 70-432]


Windows, database, and networking knowledge


A+ certified, Network administrator, Database Administrator, Project Manager

Duration:39 hours


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