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COMPTIA A+ Network + 2009 Certification


The scope covers the basic networking, Security, and troubleshooting concept, also meeting to qualify the Network +Certification Exam.


The objective is to visualize students with networking technologies and to implement practically through instructor lead class.


  • - Basic Networking Concept of LAN, WAN, MASH, Architecture and OSI Models
  • - Wired Computer-to-Computer Connections NIC card, Modem, and Connections, Wireless networking concept
  • - Network to Network Connections Network Components, LAN wiring and Testing, understanding cable structure
  • - Wired Internetworking Devices Understanding Networking Devices and their role
  • - Wired Communication Standards TCP/IP, DHCP servers and Protocol Suite
  • - Wireless Networking Wireless network devices and their standards, Wireless Configuration
  • - Security Threats and Mitigation Thread Alleviations and Lessening, Kinds of Threats
  • - Security Practices Measures through Operating Systems and Devices
  • - Network Access Control Public Key Cryptography, Remote Access, Authentication, and Wireless Security
  • - Monitoring Resources and event Viewers
  • - Troubleshooting Basic, Advance and using different Scenarios


With hands on experience the students shall be able to understand, implement and establishing networking classes, considering security and disaster recovery issues.


Operating system Knowledge


Beginners, Want to become IT professionals and want to pursue their career in Networking and security

Duration:39 hours


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