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Backup and Recovery Workshop   <OBKR123>


The workshop, primarily and effectively focus on implementing backup and recovery techniques on Oracle Database.


The objective of this workshop is to provide hands-on experience in taking back-up with different scenarios, and restoring backup


  • Recap of Oracle Architecture
  • Backup and recovery concept and techniques
  • Creating and Configuring recovery catalog
  • Creating and configuring virtual private catalog
  • Using Enterprise Manager, creating normal and compressed backup
  • Using RMAN, backing up archived Redo logs, copying whole Database
  • Using RMAN, creating incremental backup and Tracking block change
  • Understanding RMAN dynamic views and monitoring RMAN Backups
  • Managing Backups through EM
  • Recovering from non-critical files
  • Recovering and Restoring complete database
  • Recovering database until time and sequence
  • Recovering after losing all control files
  • Recovering complete database while in database running in archive mode
  • Recovering image copies
  • Restoring database in no-archive mode
  • Recovering database using server commands such as Recover and Restore
  • Recovering using Flashback
  • Backing up flash back recovery area


The students shall gain more confidence while taking back-up, and recovering database independently and confidently using different scenarios.


SQL, DBA workshop I


Programmers, Developer, Systems Analysts, Data Warehouse Builders, Technical Writers, Technical Manager, Project Manager, DBA

Duration: 25 hours

Fee: $750.00

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