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Oracle Database Workshop I   <ODBA121>


To understand the architecture of the most up-to-date and state of the art grid database technology in the Industry, with instructor-led and hands-on experience, the students shall be able to create, manage and monitor Oracle database.


  • Installation and creation of Oracle database
  • Understanding fully infra-structure of oracle grid technology
  • Creating logical and physical area
  • Creating user and assigning logical and physical areas
  • Implementing object privileges, system privileges and their strategy through role
  • Implementing monitoring steps
  • Implementing and understanding backup and recovery techniques
  • Transporting tablespaces and database files


  • Installation and creation of Oracle instance and Database
  • Understanding Distributed databases and grid technology
  • Understanding and managing memory structure and background processes
  • Managing and understanding Automatic storage management Instances
  • Establishing and understanding Networking and security environment
  • Creating and controlling Physical and logical storage
  • Creating and managing User, roles and assigning quota and privileges
  • Understanding data dictionary (meta data) and its importance
  • Understanding and creation of rollback segments or undo area
  • Implementing and monitoring Oracle auditing
  • Understanding the importance of Backup and recovery techniques
  • Performance and Tuning concept
  • Applying some backup techniques such as cold or hot backup
  • Understanding and applying some recovery techniques
  • Data warehousing concept and transporting tablespaces
  • Understanding the importance of maintenance


With hands-on experience the students will be able to work independently and confidently on oracle database. Will be able to create database, manage database, monitor and trouble shoot most of the errors and problems in the production environment.




Programmers, Developer, Systems Analysts, Data Warehouse Builders, Technical Writers, Technical Manager, Project Manager

Duration:39 hours


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