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Structure Query Language   <OSQL111>


To introduce and visualize the impact of database technology through instructor-led and hands-on experience working directly on Oracle database. By discussing and implementing the Conceptual, Logical, physical and relational aspects, the students shall be able to fully understand the infrastructure of SQL environment.


  • Understand a complete project lifecycle steps
  • To identify entity, key attributes, non-key attributes and their relations
  • Create database, Manipulate data, and apply transaction
  • Understand schema and data dictionary Objects


  • History of SQL and the difference between SQL and SQL *Plus statements
  • Project lifecycle and the steps involved in designing a database
  • Transaction processing and how a transaction is accomplished using DML, DCL,DDL and TCL statements
  • Understanding and displaying data using SELECT (Retrieval) Statement
  • Projecting and selecting limited rows using WHERE clause from the database using arithematic, comparison and SQL operators
  • Working with single and multiple row functions
  • Retrieving data using group function such as group by, rollup clauses
  • Retrieving data by using joins such as inner join, outer join, non-equiv. join etc..
  • Working and retrieving data using sub-queries
  • Applying set operators with multiple queries such as union, intersection
  • Adding, modifying and removing rows using DML statements such as INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE
  • Understanding the data dictionary and its role in a database
  • Explaining and implementing read consistency
  • Creating a database object such as table using DDL statements and implementing constraints
  • Describing the importance of simple view, complex view, and materialized view
  • Creating other objects such sequence, index and synonyms


Apart from designing, creating database objects, establishing primary and foreign key relations, implementing column and table level constraints and transactions, the students shall be able to write complex queries and retrieving data not only from the schema objects, but also from dynamic views of data dictionary.


No pre-requisite


Beginners and who has interest in Database, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, Analyst, Q.A

Duration:39 hours


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