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PHP Programming   <PHP703>


PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. The course covers the basic concepts of the World Wide Web (Web), principles and tools that are used to develop Web applications.


To design, build and display an online Application using MYSQL Database using CPanel and PhPMyAdmin, interacting with the Database, customizing, Interpreting and debugging common PHP errors messages.


  • - Introduction to PHP
  • - Building and Using MySQL Databases
  • - Collecting Information in a Form
  • - Processing Information from a Form
  • - Interacting with the Database
  • - Working with Multiple Page Web Sites
  • - Create MVC-based applications using Zend Framework
  • - Define the protocols and systems used on the Web (such as XHTML,HTTP, URLs, CSS, SSI, XML).
  • - Explain the functions of clients and servers on the Web.
  • - Implement client-side scripts using ECMAScript (JavaScript) and server-side scripts using PHP.


This course provides the foundations to start writing PHP applications, and an overview of Internet technology which will introduce the Web protocols, HTML and XML, client side processing with ECMAScript (JavaScript) and server side processing with PHP. The candidate will learn basics of the PHP language, processing web forms, as well as advanced concepts like Object-Oriented PHP.


Basic experience with HTML is assumed. Prior little programming experience and RDBMS knowledge are required.


Beginners and who has an interest in Programming, web, internet marketing Database, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, valuable for those creating dynamic, database-driven Web sites.

Duration:39 hours


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