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SAP Training

What is SAP?

SAP ("Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing") is the world's largest business software company and the third-highest revenue independent software provider (as of 2011). SAP is the leader of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with the market share of 41% compared to 21% for Oracle as of 2006 (Source: AMR Research 2007).

Why SAP?

Given the powerfulness of SAP system such as real time integration, over 50% of the Fortune 500 companies are using SAP as of 2009 and the trend is increasing. SAP has been able to increase its annual profit by 370% continuously since 2002.

Simply put, you need to know SAP system if you want to work for a large multinational company, mainly Fortune 500!

What we offer in SAP Training?

At Mississauga College of Technology, we offer wide range of SAP training courses at three levels:
  • 1. SAP End User Training
  • 2. SAP Consultant / Certification Training
  • 3. SAP Live Project

Outcome / Achievement of SAP Training

Our well designed SAP Training Courses are all led by certified SAP professionals with many years' industry experience. Upon successfully completion the course, student will obtain
  • 1. Knowledge of SAP system logic and functionality;
  • 2. Hands on skills in using the SAP system to perform the daily tasks such as creating & maintaining master data for the end user and configuration for the consultant.
  • 3. Certificate from Mississauga College of Technology and adequate knowledge for SAP Associate certification (only for the certification training course participant).
  • 4. Marketable knowledge and experience in SAP Implementation (only for the Live Project Training Student).

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