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SAP Financial Accounting Certification   <SAPFI902>


The SAP Financial Accounting (FI) course is designed to introduce the system functionality and configuration steps to the students. It prepares them with the ability to understand the initial SAP System configuration and to set up & maintain organizational units through SAP Financials to map with the SAP Processes in External Accounting.

Scope and Covered Topics

  • -Basic setting Organizational Unit, Variant Principle, Fiscal Year, Currencies
  • -Master Data General Ledger Account,
    Customer/Vendor Accounts, Bank Accounts
    Document Control
    Document Structure, Posting Periods, Posting
    Authorizations, Simple Documents in Financial
  • -Posting Control Default Values, Change Control, Document
    Reversal, Payment Terms and Cash Discounts,
    Taxes, Cross-company Code Transactions
  • -Recap of Financial Accounting 1(a)
  • -Clearing Clearing Open Items, Incoming and outgoing
    Payments, Payment Differences, Exchange Rate
  • -Cash Journal
  • -Cash journal Configuration, Transaction
  • -Special G/L Transactions Application Area for Special G/L Transactions,
    Configuration of Special G/L Transactions
  • -Parking Documents Document Parking verses Hold Documents,
    Processing Parked Documents, Documents Parking
    and workflow
  • -Profit and Loss Cost of sales Accounting, Accrual/Deferral Postings, Manual
  • -Payables and Receivables Confirmation of Balance, Foreign Currency Valuation, Value Adjustments and Regrouping
  • -Fundamentals Customer/Vendor Accounts, simple documents in SAP Financial Accounting
  • -Automatic Payment, Payment Run, configuration, medium workbench, Debit Balance Check, Automating Process
  • -Automatic Dunning Parameter Configuring, running, Editing and Printing Dunning
  • -Correspondence and Interest Calculation Types of Correspondence, Configuring Interest Calculation
  • -Country Specifics Check Management and Lockbox
  • -Report in GL, AP, AR Report Variants and Variables
  • -List Viewers Listing Viewer Design, Changing the Screen Layout
  • -Drill Down Reporting Drill Down Architecture, Key Figures, Forms and Reports definition and Types
  • -Closing Activities Month End and Year-End Closing Processes
  • -Financial Statements Statement Versions and Drill Down Reporting
  • -Fixed Assets Create Assets Class, Maintain Account Determination, Screen Layout, Number Intervals through Assets Classes; Create Asset Master Data; Process Fixed Assets Acquisition; Configure Assets Depreciation and Execute Depreciation Run; Post Asset Retirement; and Produce Assets Analysis and Report (asset balance and history info through assets explorer)...


Through Instructor lead and hands-on experience the students shall be able to understand what functionality the SAP Financials can provide to meet the business needs, how to map the standard SAP functionality to business processes, and the overall system logic as well as detailed configuration steps to create organizational structure and accounting objects to test the configuration results. The students will be able to create Company Code, Chart of Accounts, and all needed Master Data (GLs, Vendors, Customers, House banks…) and are ready for their SAP Application Associate certification.


Knowledge of Accounting procedures and business processes


Finance Managers, Analysts, CA, CPA, CGA, Internal/External Auditors, DBA, Assistant Accountant who wants to pursue career in Accounting in using SAP Financials.

Duration:39 hours


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