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Quality Assurance   <SQAL001>


The scope of this course is to focus on testing both Traditional and Web Application software and bring up issues.


The objective is to understand, plan and Implement test for Traditional and Web Application.


  • - What is Quality Assurance and Software Testing?
  • - Understanding and to cover the Risk involve in Quality Assurance
  • - Visualizing and understanding Complete Testing Process and Software Quality Assurance
  • - Building up Test Plan and Test Strategy
  • - Understanding The Tool
  • - Developing Test Cases and Quality Assurance Process
  • - Learning and applying how Testing differ from traditional testing and Web Application
  • - Focusing on deficiency in Reporting and Tracking Process
  • - Testing issues with Networking
  • - Testing for Client/Server and Web Applications
  • - Testing Session Management
  • - Configuring for the Compatibility test for Web Application and focusing on Problems
  • - Focusing on client and Server side testing issue


With the help of Instructor-lead and hands-on experience, the student shall be able to work as an SQA Analyst, Software Tester in the Industry.


Basic knowledge of Programming, SQL, and Databases


Programmers, Software testers, Documentation specialist, Technical Writers, Business analyst, who want to pursue career as a Software tester

Duration:39 hours


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