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System Analysis and Design Part 1   <SYSD201>(Data Modeling Part 1)


To understand complete project lifecycle, analyzing, designing, implementing and documenting the existing manual system into a computer base system.


To provide students instructor lead classes and hands-on experience while analyzing and designing a database system.


  • - Project Life CyclePhases of project lifecycle, system development life cycle and steps
  • - Concept of Feasibility Study, Request For Proposal, Preliminary StudyKinds of feasibilities, steps involved in Preliminary study
  • - Writing a Preliminary study [Assigning a Project]Initiating a study, following the steps
  • - Data Flow DiagramsUsing SSADM technique, symbols and its importance
  • - Analyzing a systemApplying level 0 and 1
  • - Designing a Data flow Diagram [Case Study 1] and [Case Study 2]With the help of Case study, creating a DFD a project, discussing activity process samples
  • - Entity Relation DiagramsUnderstanding different techniques such as CROW Foot, Shadow etc…Designing an ERD for the project
  • - Normalization1NF, 2NF, 3NF and Boyce code, Normalizing Project Database
  • - Creating a database using ACCESS or ORACLECreating relations and establishing constraints
  • - De-normalization
  • - Concept of OLAP, MOLAP, ROLAP and Dimensional Modeling


Through knowledge and hands-on experience the students are able to analysis a system, and design a database independently.


Computer knowledge, knowledge of SQL will be a plus


Beginners, Programmers, Developer, Technical Writers, DBA

Duration:39 hours


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