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VMware   <VMWR305>


The scope of this course is to install configure VMware in Linux Environment.


The objective it to implement and follow complete lifecycle of VMware in Linux Environment.


  • - VMware Server Overview and Features
  • - Support for 32‐bit and 64‐bit Guest Operating Systems
  • - Two‐Way Virtual SMP (Experimental Support)
  • - Connect to VMware GSX Virtual Machines and Hosts
  • - Upgrade and Use GSX Virtual Machines
  • - Move Existing Virtual Machines
  • - Compatible with VMware Workstation 5.x Virtual Machines
  • - Configure Virtual Hardware Devices to be Automatically Detected
  • - Host System Requirements and Server Host Hardware
  • - Windows and Linux Host Operating System Requirements
  • - Virtual Machine (VM) Specifications and Supported Guest Operating Systems
  • - Hardware Requirements for 64‐bit and 32-bit Guest Operating Systems
  • - Understanding VM And Creating a New Virtual Machine with the Virtual Machine Wizard
  • - Installing a Guest Operating System e.g., Windows Server 2003 as a Guest OS
  • - Overview of the VMware Server Console Window, connecting to VMs and Servers
  • - Changing the Power State and Controlling of a Virtual Machine Display
  • - Running Virtual Machines from DVDs or CD‐ROM Discs.
  • - Using PXE with Virtual Machines.
  • - Installing Software in a Virtual Machine.
  • - Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Text.
  • - Using Devices in a Virtual Machine.
  • - Command Reference.


The instructor-Led Course with hands-on experience will help Student to install and implement VMware in Linux environment independently and confidently


Windows, Linux or UNIX knowledge


Lab Assistant, Lab Engineer, System Administrator, Network Administrator, Instructor, Database Administrator

Duration:25 hours


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